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NiMar's Jxx, Z7 Pages
Most popular software for Sony CMD Jxx and Z7 mobile phones, unofficial firmwares, and Sony ARM programming.
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  • Sony series 7 emulator S7Emu by great Viking added in [ Software ] - After long silence there is a great gift for all Sony Jxx users and developers! Geat thanks to Viking!
  • J7/70 3.6/5 OOK3 b9 bug fixed in [ Firmwares ] - ADesk resets on received SMS or missed call (thanks Bodhi3).
  • External UFIF library version 3.10 added in [ Programming ] - upload only if you have OOK 3b8 (not ELI version), else flash OOK3b9
  • OOK3 b9 added in [ Firmwares ] - Ext library 3.10 included.
  • ADesk 2.0 added in ADesk (need Ext library 3.10)
  • Three more skins added in ADesk
  • Thumb Instruction Set Quick Reference Card v2.1 added in [ Docs ]
Read past news in [ Archive ]
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