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Sony Jxx firmwares

Official firmwares on which unofficial patches was tested.

J7/70 3.10/4 BIN
J5/6 5.4.2/1 BIN (link from sony-ericsson.ru forum)
Z7 4.5.6/4 BIN

Unfortunately I can test this mods and patches only on my phone (J7/70 3.10/4 firmware). I can't say that it will 100% work on other supported firmwares! Use them at your own risk!
OOK3 b9

FirmwareOOK 3b9
J7/70 3.10/4ENGRUS
J7/70 3.10/5N/AN/A
J7/70 3.6/5ENGRUS
J5/6 5.4.2/1(6)ENGRUS
J5/6 5.4.2/4ENGRUS
J5/6 5.4.2/5N/AN/A
Z7 4.5.6/4(6)ENGRUS

ReadMe English
ReadMe Russian

NiMarThis is the OOK3 MOD by NiMar.
Read doc on how to apply patch in [ Docs ].
OOK3 version beta 9

Use latest OOK3 Manager for uploading:
Used sections: 02-10..02-14, 17-02..17-19, 18-09..18-29 for programs and data.
section 02-17 for external library (default, also you may use any section).
section 02-16 for external PRG3 library.

Autorun feature:
Press green button on desired program in OOK menu -> "Set Autorun"
for put this program in autorun.
For disable this feature in OOK menu "Settings" -> "Disable Autorun".
For clear any section press grenn button on it -> "Erase Section".

New in this version:
1. ELF-programs loaded in one piece of memory.
2. External UFIF Library ver 3.10 included in firmware.

Firmware patches
J7/70 3.10/4 RUS-ENG Patch
J7/70 3.10/4 ENG-RUS Patch
Z7 4.5.6/4 RUS-ENG Patch
NiMar (based on Popovich 1.1 firmware)Russian Language patch.
Messages and Phonebook entries may typed in russian. First russian letters then english (RUS-ENG) and vice versa (ENG-RUS). Some icons changed.
NiMar Icons 2.2
J7/70 3.10/4 Patch
Z7 4.5.6/4 Patch
J5/6 4.5.2/1(6) Patch
NiMarSome icons shanged, replaced original wallpapers and balls in menu replaced on Sony-Erricsson logo
J7 3.10/4 Monitor+JamesBond mode
UnknownMonitor and JamesBond modes available after power on without IMSI and phonebook manipulations.N/A
Fade-Extra-light with Control
J7/70 3.10/4 Patch, Source
Z7 4.5.6/4 Patch, Source
Volkov Maxim, Null Pointer, NiMarExtralight by default, Fadelight not freezes phone, customizeable light intensity (need program or ADesk plugin).N/A
SMS Anti <Data>
J7 3.10/4 Patch
Z7 4.5.6/4 Patch, Source
Null PointerSolve <Data> problem with long SMSes.N/A

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