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Sony ARM-Programming section

Jxx ARM Programming Templates

Jxx defines
Jxx UFIF2.1 functions header for OOK3
Jxx UFIF2.1 functions header for Ext Lib 3.10
NiMarFunction Library for creating your software for OOK3 series
Desktop Application TemplateNiMarTemplate for creating your desktop applications like screensavers for OOK2 UFIF2 series firmwares.
J70 3.10/4 TimerBase Templater00t (ported by NiMar)A base for creating applications based on timers callback, support keyboard and JogDial.

Sony UFIF 2.1 Template v0.6
Template with Library
Andrey Z, NiMarUsing this package you can create and compile your own C-Programs. No more timerbase and library needed.

External UFIF library version 3.10 for UFIF programs
functions added: long ChargingFactor(), long CheckBatteryVoltsTable()
ATTENTION! If you flashed your phone with OOK3b8ELI3.9 do not upload this library, flash phone again with OOK3b9(it has already library 3.10 included)
J7/70 3.10/4
J7/70 3.10/5
J7/70 3.6/5
J5/6 5.4.2/1(6)
J5/6 5.4.2/4
J5/6 5.4.2/5
Z7 4.5.6/4(6)

External library version 3.0 for PRGLdr3 programs
J7/70 3.10/4 - not all functions, but works...

Software for ARM programming
BL-jump computing programNiMarSoftware for computing code of relative jump BL-THUMB instruction.
Sony-ARM Compile pack
GNU, collected by NiMarAll you need to compile C and ASM programs. If you want to compile only assembler you will need only part 1.

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