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PC-side software for Sony Jxx, Z7

IPSWin 2.0Z.e.r.o and ZeroSoftUniversal file patcher. Here used for apply patches to original firmwares. Just select original firmware *.BIN file and patch to use, and apply it.
Smart IPS 1.0Hartec/DEXTROSEUniversal file patcher. Also may create *.IPS patches

Firmware management
sbsConvertor 2.0!DaemonSRE-BIN-SRE Convertor. I use it for converting BIN to SRE
sre2bin 1.0Oleg N. KiyashkoCommand line SRE to BIN converter.
Flasher4SONY International EuropeSoftware for flashing Sony Jxx. Modified version by Dr. Mobile
Sony CMD-Jxx Flash Reader 1.0s.paceSoftware for reading flash memory.

Sony Wallpaper Converter 1.0NiMarProgram converts images to sony Jxx wallpapers and ADesk wallpacks.
OOK Manager 3.2NiMarProgram to Upload and view OOK3 slots content. ANY Sections supported. Really supports large data.
PhotoPackEditIIPumpkinUtility for manage photopack files for new Adesk PhotoFAVA plugin.
Denver Sony ARM Image Maker 2.0Denver, continued by NiMarProgram for edit images and skins.

Sony Series 7 Emulator ver. 0.2
VikingProgram for emulate games and programs for Sony Jxx on PC.

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